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First experience in Thailand-the most beautiful life is the Bangkok

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  • Departure time / 2018-04-19
  • Travel days / 5 days
  • People / and friends

Plan for a month trip ✈️
finally started in a hurry in
a hurry one side of Bangkok
also left a really good memory

One month in advance booked a ticket and hotel
get home from work bags packed
because it is the red-eye flight
at home casual dressing a bit it off to the airport
check-in through customs
first-timers free exercise
hope that our feet skimming the English can get through This holiday

When the broadcast informed that the plane was half an hour late, it was
already two o'clock in the morning
, and the threesome at the airport
could only refresh themselves by taking selfies.

Three people who were tired and paralyzed on the plane

When the long journey finally arrived at Don Mueang Airport, it was
already 5 a.m. domestic time 

The plane
to take luggage
stumbled fill immigration card
through customs (many people to suspect that life, took a one-hour team)
at this time to take pictures of the three have been even without the strength
after successfully out of the airport
in order to experience a Bangkok traffic jams
deliberately chose the airport bus (large airport Prachin have enough break)
all the way to the sleeping transfer to the subway station, subway station despair is no elevator, three no physical fighting back the journey tired to climb with luggage In the subway station, you bought all kinds of subway tickets smoothly after talking to me. They have strict security checks and have to open the box to check.
In short, although it is very tired, everything went smoothly to a certain hotel.
Finally, in order to Krabi live in a favorite hotel, only to budget cuts from various parts of the first day on the set of a simple bed and breakfast (three of 198) room was clean
but the door was very complicated
research for a long time only three people I went in smoothly,
too sleepy, too tired, and too hot,
too lazy to take pictures

Since the boss only asked us to put our luggage before we checked in, so we
slept until we lost our hopes, and we
simply packed up and went out. The
first thing to do is to replenish nutrition
. The 711 everywhere is a good
news. It just happened that we had a
full screen of milk not far downstairs . I just lit this strong passion for dairy lovers
goal these days is to drink milk every once
bought milk and burgers (super cheap and tasty)
side of the road just solved
directly by taxi friends went downtown (a lot cheaper than a taxi really public transportation)
is really an insight into the Bangkok traffic jam
I slept back and forth in the car for several nights

Bangkok, the first stop
came to the famous Erawan Shrine
met a Thai -Chinese
gave us a lot of knowledge of the Erawan Shrine
and then we take for granted sincere thanks to the Erawan Shrine
chance to go back I would also like to wish every year

Thailand is really too hot. After
worshiping the Erawan Buddha, I
was ready to walk to Siam Square.
Once I took the wrong
way and communicated in English with my feet. When I
finally arrived at Siam Square, the
three of them were so tired that they almost died and
saw a star father. I hurried in and bought a cup of life extension coffee

Indoor air conditioning in Thailand is really the same as without money.
Outdoors is a hot summer,
indoors is simply cold winter. I just
wandered around in Siam Square
. I
ca n't support my physical strength. I am ready to punch in the Internet celebrity Jianxing Restaurant. The
name sounds true. It’s very earthy,
but the curry crab and tom yum soup are really delicious.
We actually ordered water spinach.
Sure enough, we still need to eat some dishes of this flavor.

After eating, you can also take a lot of photos while strolling around in Siam Square

There is a small market under Jianxing Restaurant (it is a lot of vendors selling small things). It’s
also fun to shop and buy.
Earrings are pretty good for five yuan.

This day was really too long. After
eating and buying things, it was less than two o’clock. I
still couldn’t move in. I
just chose not to
go back to the hotel and went back to the hotel to sleep at night.
So we decided to go to Wangquan Duty Free Shop and
experience the local characteristics The car is
really exciting. It’s
really frightening along the way. The
speed is faster
and there are no obstructions next to it.
This is a very interesting experience. The
three people are pulling each other all the way.

I want to take
a picture of the traffic behind when I’m in a traffic jam. Someone said that I’m like Liu Yan. 

Buying, buying, and buying probably has a special magic for girls. After
eating and adding a little energy for a short time,
arriving at the duty-free shop can be said to be completely beaten up
before going to the duty-free shop and still saying that it is too tired and sleepy. three
in duty-free shops killing one afternoon
did not mean rest and
still do not feel completely tired
to see Anessa eyes shine when simply
much cheaper
L'Oreal is really the price of cabbage
comes also want to say do not know what to buy What? I
can't stop at all after arrive

After singing along to buy buy buy
only think of three things did not have time to take pictures
after a shopping spree model three people were found walking foot pain to die
only cushioned toe walk
also admire our insistence
get upstairs nutritional supplement point
really the meal is tired to not want to go to the end
without hot would not be happy Chongqing people to see the beef chili powder
simply moved to tears

After dinner came out really dark days are
already has one hour time difference
was not any sleep
so that day feeling over a century
a map to tell you how tired I was in the end
a small partner candid
walking bending beneath a
really good It hurts
. It
’s time to come to a horse to kill a chicken. My
sister specially recommended a store before I came.
Follow the navigation to find it.

This is really a tossing and exhausting day. After
following the navigation for a long time, I finally found let's relax and did not book and did not accept it. I couldn't even
connect the two. I
also found a family on the universal public comment. The
result I asked a lot of locals. After I failed to communicate, I thought
about how desperate we were at this time.
Standing in the middle of Siam Square and looking at the city
, I felt deeply tired. The
tired body could not support us. So I decided to take a taxi and go back to rest.
Since the actual comparison of taxis is indeed cheaper, I
have taxis everywhere.

As usual,
after buying milk in 711, we finally returned to the hotel.
At this time, we probably hadn’t slept for almost 30 hours, and we spent
another day in the sun. The
three of us were so tired that they quickly washed up
and fell asleep early and
waited until tomorrow to wake up naturally. After that, I will fly to the final destination of this trip- Krabi .

Although only one side of a hurry
but still felt the Bangkok passion
no matter the temperature or the humanities
but from duty-free shops out of time or a little episode occurred
in duty-free shops in front of a taxi
he said to go to the store driver brisk horse slaughter We agreed to our price reduction,
but after we got in the car, we started to discover something was wrong. The
ridiculed us while driving while video.
When we got in the car for less than two minutes, he told us
that it was there. Then we saw that it was not at all, where is this; then we said It’s not asking not to pay. The
driver looked abnormal, and what he said was very unpleasant. The
three of us got
off the car and the driver was still in the car and said to us.
Then several men came to us and asked us. We
were scared.
I hurried to a car and fled quickly,
so the girls must pay attention to safety when traveling alone, and they must go in groups.
Fortunately, the journey later went smoothly and
the people I met were also very good.
Then the whole journey was very successful!
Next Travels to begin even the air is sweet Krabi eat, drink it
, so stay tuned ~

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