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Take a post-95 girlfriend ♥Man Yoyo♥Hea five-day Bangkok tour

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who am i?

Hello! I am Huahua , a magical 96-year-old Cancer girl! Not downright Guangzhou people are not out-of Hangzhou people. Why is it magical? Mr. Deng cited "magic" explained to me at the wedding: "Fantastic food in what she can be ignored, except add Suansun of Guilin  Rice noodles...The magic is that she can do nothing, except that she has to go to bed before ten o'clock. "This is my magic! My first hobby is sleeping, my second hobby is traveling, and my third hobby is making desserts! I have been spitting out by friends and circle of friends for eating, drinking and having fun. I like to travel everywhere. I don’t like to go to the must-see attractions with a lot of people. Every time I take a camera out, I use my eyes to take pictures and record because I’m lazy. Haha~ Life is always on the road! I do n’t know how to write text, and this is not a professional travel blog. just to record and share their memories of girlfriends running account ~ Travels with ★ symbol is to remind Oh! 

Huahua's preface

First, explain the meaning of "Hea". Cantonese means "to spend time aimlessly", "lazy" and "doing nothing". Hea enough to sum up the feelings of five days: every day whenever he woke up every day crazy pictures hot night horse slaughter every single day to temper the origin of this trip - girlfriends who still remember when the party asked 17-year agreement for 18 years , Thailand tour ? (I certainly remember ah! I almost buy tickets up!) Then go Qingming, ten days enough time to prepare, so it was late for a whole year, Thailand 

The trip has become a trip that just walks away. After
going out to work, there are really few opportunities for everyone to go on a trip together, especially if it is even more difficult to get together. To avoid all this and put the plane the next day I put the ticket booked, put the aircraft to stay in Guangzhou distressed ticket money now! Haha ~ have been the third time to Thailand, the (Erawan Shrine Grand Palace I have not been to ) the beginning of exposure! Rape! Grumpy! Journey! 
I met in junior high school-sent me to marry-traveled with me-met for the eleventh year-first time out-my "waste material" sister group member Huahua: responsible for the entire travel planning and financial boss (this person is my "crying") Yuyu: Broken-hearted mother Sang Dandan: Beautiful as a flower (photograph + the whole group of "blockbuster" depends on her) Ah Rong: Senior joke player Big eyes: Super eater! + Translator ah Zhuang: Super eat those! +Waste material Baro: I hate our wonderful work every day. Xu Ge: It is inevitable that there will be disagreements when we can't go together because of work (unhappy . Fortunately, they are all good girlfriends who don't care and follow the arrangement! 


Xu Ge forcibly asked to upload his PS 

★Preliminary preparation AND Tips★

Ticket--Spring Airlines
2019.04.03 Guangzhou Baiyun Airport T1- Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport T1 02:15→04:15
2019.04.07 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport T1- Guangzhou Baiyun Airport T1 09: 10 → 01: 05
interim decision did not travel ticket discount is inevitable, given the Hong Kong starting really in trouble so decided to Guangzhou direct flights to Bangkok  Day tour compare prices, and finally choose Spring Airlines, 10kg baggage package, 1610 yuan per person round trip (usually acceptable but think back and forth a few hundred will be able to Bangkok on distressed) fly more tired this time, but we are Young people can accept it, besides, play for five days!
Thailand Hotels--
Integrated with Booking Airbnb where to go to Ctrip, I finally chose to book in Mafengwo, all APPs have comparison prices! Convenience!
In the beginning Pattaya It is a bit more expensive to live in an online celebrity hotel, but I thought that the itinerary in the first two days was relatively tight and the time spent in the hotel was less and it was not cost-effective, so I chose a hotel with a higher cost performance in the end.
DAY1: Pattaya Siam Design Hotel (classic lounge/437 yuan/night) infinity pool is super awesome! I haven't stopped taking pictures! So close to shopping! I find that I really know how to choose a hotel! Haha! DAY2-5: Bangkok Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel (Deluxe room with pool view/241 yuan/night)     

   High performance-price ratio. The hotel is a bit old near BTS, but the big bed room is suitable for sleeping 3 people! It's super, so you need to pay 600 baht per night!
Look at personal needs, that is, buy a peace of mind, but! Because before I tried from Bali return when delayed for almost two days! I realized how important delay insurance is! It's not expensive anyway, it is recommended to buy it!
In the past, it was purchased by Taobao Meiya Insurance. Now it can be solved by Alipay~ No worry!
Alipay - ants Insurance - travel insurance Asia navigate - choose according to travel demand it  Discount for multi-person purchase! 7 people 22 yuan per person
Thai visa -
fortunately hit Thailand visa extension to 2019.04.30, listen to experienced friends do not recommend visa on arrival, many people and slow. But I think we landed in Bangkok is four o'clock there is enough time to waste, and finally chose visa on arrival it! Haha~ (Taobao visa in advance if you are afraid of waiting!)
Preparation materials for visa on arrival:
①. Passport (valid for no less than 6 months)
②.2 inch white hat according to one (4cm * 6cm, double-sided adhesive paste it back !! to Bangkok later posted on the visa application form, remember to paste it in advance, because many people live, two photos are ready Just in case)
③. Everyone carries 20,000 baht in cash (spot check)
④. Proof of round-trip ticket (print the English version of the ticket itinerary)
⑤. Proof of hotel accommodation (print the English version to confirm the order, and provide it on your mobile phone Yes)
⑥. Visa on Arrival Application Form (it is recommended to type and fill in in advance, there is a version download online, remember to bring a pen!!)   

Thai currency exchange rate -
1 RMB = 4.5 baht (approximately). Basically, you buy things in Thai baht divided by 4.5, which is roughly how much yuan is.
I exchanged 20,000 baht at a domestic bank in advance (I originally planned to change 10,000 baht) .. I found an unreliable husband to go to the bank to change it, WeChat I said it changed 20,000 baht.. The whole person is not good.. I don’t know how to spend it... I don’t think I need to calculate the exchange rate. It’s not much difference where it’s lower.), Bangkok can solve the payment problem by spending basic Papa Ma (Alipay)! And I desperately spend baht! 

Thailand phone cards -
three choices:
1. Alipay - Outbound - outside the Internet (if no call is really convenient, without changing the card, I went to Hong Kong Aomen Riben Taiwan are directly Alipay to buy traffic, but the drawback is more expensive mobile Users sometimes have a 50% discount)
2. Taobao- Shenzhen Travel Tour Franchise- Thailand Phone Card HAPPY Card-Choose the number of days you need (It is cheaper to buy unlimited data for 5 days at 30 yuan, if you choose Alipay for overseas data for 5 days, you need 108 yuan, depending on your personal needs!)
3. Bangkok airport purchase-because some friends forgot to buy directly at airport spent 699 baht to buy
Thai difference -
Thailand than China by one hour Oh! Earned 1 hour!
Thailand Transportation -
. ① Bangkok traffic is mainly MRT and BTS, try to play more small cars, Bangkok 's traffic jams are the world's most powerful - to the Bangkok airport can also take the Airport Express Line (Note that only the Suvarnabhumi Airport There are only the airport block line. There are two airport express lines, one slow line and one express line, but the express line only goes to Markassen Station! )
②. BTS is the route that passes through the most scenic spots and business districts. It is recommended to travel by BTS . ③. BTS
currently has two routes, the light green Sukhumvit line and the dark green Silom line, the intersection is Siam Station
④. (pictured on the left The three stations of Mo Chit (N8), Asok (E4) and Daeng (S2)) are the transfer stations between BTS and MRT. However, although the transfer is still necessary, you still have to exit and enter the station, and you cannot use one ticket
. ⑤. Take tuktuk when the car must first talk about a good price, because there might be tourists casually offer
⑥.Grab (foreign and pieces) we did not try, because the Thai study abroad friends told us that eighty percent of the positioning is not found, a hundred Eighty out of the drivers who call and communicate do not understand English, so he basically chooses to travel by taxi.
⑦. Seven people traveling by taxi cost about 50 baht each time for BTS. Two taxis are actually very cost-effective. However, some taxis are willing to use the meter, some are unwilling, and the price is doubled! (Friends who communicate with the driver in Thai are not willing to use the meter  )

Please bookmark this picture! keep properly! Follow along! (Source Xiaohongshu)

The Rabbit card can take BTS and BRT (note that MRT is not available). When refunding the card, 50 baht is not refundable, but travel will be much more convenient, so it is recommended to buy it. You need to purchase a passport at the service station of the BTS station!
APP recommendation--
①. Skyscanner -compare air ticket prices
②. Itinerary assistant-planning trip arrangement is super easy to
use ③. Google Maps-essential for travel navigation
④. Tripadvisor is the same as the domestic public comment, I will update it abroad Leaning towards Tripadvisor, Dianping is a bit pitted!
★ Do not spray a purely personal point of view: public comment recommendations are not necessarily good, is to spend money to brush up (Example: before and Deng in Taiwan looking for charcoal pot, check the public comment recommend, but accidentally wrong I went to the store next door and found that they were all eaten by locals. It was super delicious. After eating, I found that the store I was looking for was right next door. All the tourists were queuing.. Actually I'm glad that I didn't go right) Internet celebrity recommendations feel like selling advertisements. Personally, I feel that you should try new things when you travel. Don't rely on the recommendation ranking list. At least stepping on the thunder is also a personal experience. It is really delicious and I have the confidence to recommend to friends!
⑤. Mafengwo (Check the location of scenic spots in hotel reservation)
⑥. Little Red Book (see recommendation)
Basically, where to travel I only use Google to check the route, every time I download other apps, I don’t use it.
Sun protection and small items-
seven little fairies born in the summer.. actually hate the father-in-law of the sun.. It’s amazing to tell me the requirement of going out to play, "Don’t go out to sea, don’t eat the sun!" What? So why to Thailand ! Just in April is Thailand's hottest time! There is no other way but to do everything possible to sunscreen! Essential sun protection: Sunglasses, hat and sun protection clothing fan! An Nai Sun! Wet wipes! (Except for the good-looking photos, the rest of the time is like zongzi!) Small items: inflatable pillow converter selfie stick small tripod 

Medicine: Jianweixiaoshipianbaoji pill allergy medicine liquid hemostatic paste Huoxiangzhengqi water (clearing heat and detoxification medicine is very important)
Thailand shopping -
★ Thailand Many large supermarkets, it is recommended to buy the most cost-effective in the supermarket! Watsons Duty Free Shop is expensive!

¥฿ itinerary cost

All travel expenses are calculated per capita!
A ticket:
where to network scheduled Guangzhou and from Bangkok -1610RMB / person
two hotels:
437+ (241 * 3) / 2 = 580RMB / person
hornet's nest to book:
Pattaya Siam Design Hotel (classic casual room / 437RMB / Late)
Ma's Nest Reservation:
Bangkok Qiu Sukhumvit Hotel (Deluxe Room with Pool View/241RMB/night)
3. Phone card:
Taobao purchase Happy Card for 5 days = 29.4RMB
4. Transportation:
Airport Express-SA City Line = 45 Baht,
Rabbit Card = 400 Baht
Bangkok Eastern Bus Station- Pattaya North Bus Station (Bus) = 108 Baht
Pattaya North Bus Station- Pattaya Design Hotel (Double Car) = 50 Baht
Pattaya Walking Street- Pattaya Design Hotel (Double Car) = 50 Baht
Pattaya Design Hotel- Bangkok Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel (Chartered Car) 2200 Baht/6 = 367 Baht/person
Bangkok Three days to fight fare = 1276/7 = 182 baht / person
Bangkok Qiusu Kun Plaza Hotel - Suvarnabhumi Airport (where the net book car) 269/7 = 38.4RMB
five remaining approximate cost:
five days almost regular meals Dayong per capita spent 700RMB
Thai horse slaughter basic 200 baht for an hour, good environmental point of 250 baht one hour (compare Guangzhou price in Thailand It’s not too much to press every day)
Buy, buy, no bottom line consumption~hahaha~

♥Hea five-day itinerary and recommendations♥

Time: 2019.04.03-2019.04.07 total five days
☞Day1: Guangzhou - Bangkok - Pattaya -Design hotel photo- Pattaya Beach - Pattaya Walking Street - horse slaughter
★ how from Suvarnabhumi Airport take the bus to Pattaya ?
Take the city blue line to the terminus "Phaya Thai", buy a Rabbit card at the service station and transfer to BTS Sukhumvit for 9 stops. Ica Mai Station Ekkamai "find Exit 2, follow other people reach the first intersection you can see the" Bangkok eastern bus station "(with pictures below) to find the counter (there are pictures below) to buy a bus ticket.
★ Pattaya Siam Design Hotel is really super recommended! Except that we did not check in on time at 2 o'clock, the rest of the check-in was superb! See the picture below for explanation on day1!
★ Thailand Studying friend told me to eat seafood in Pattaya cheapest! Suggest you can go around and find! (I didn't know at the beginning, so we didn't eat it)
★Go to the hotel and go to the first intersection on the right side. The green coconut on the opposite side of the horse is a recommendation from my best friends! 30 baht is big and sweet! After drinking the water inside, you can dig the meat and eat it, and it's tender tofu! The best and most cost-effective young coconut in five days!
☞Day 2: Pattaya - Bangkok -Siam Discovery Center-Nana Night Market-Mashaji
An ordinary day
★ Bangkok The three horses and chickens outside the Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel are not recommended! We have all tried! It's all procrastinating! Stop for a few minutes without moving! Giant speechless! I really don't want to tip! I also slapped Rong's and me.. I don't know, I thought we had a fight! Note that Thailand 's neck and shoulder massage is not the same and we thought, in fact, like Thai massage, just pay attention to tummy with his arm behind by ...
☞Day3: Bangkok Cultural Arts Center - Wat Arun - River Night Market - super good eat Thai Cuisine-Horse Killing Chicken
★ If you are interested in art, the cultural and art center is worth a visit. If you want to take pictures, you can go! Haha~IceDEA on the second floor is the most popular place in the whole building. It is a design team that sells creative ideas through ice cream. The recommended ones will have a brand to hang on to choose from, durian ice cream is definitely recommended! Mango glutinous rice ice cream is just average!
★Wang Arun (clothing requirements: over-the-knee long skirts are not allowed to wear suspenders. If you are lucky enough to take off your clothes and take pictures, there will be a guard blowing BB to remind you! It's embarrassing! It's better to respect people's culture!) At first glance, describe it Its only "shock", this temple is a small circle and it takes five minutes to visit. Basically everyone is taking pictures, and it is indeed a great photo spot, as long as you can tolerate the high temperature of 36 degrees directly on your face! After shopping, I sat in the awning and waited for them, and waited for them to find a good location for shooting. I walked over to take two photos and left~ It's really hot! Ah Zhuang’s face is obviously tanned, and he smiled secretly ★I have been to the riverside night market for the second time. It is very suitable for young people to stroll around. The Ferris wheel is its biggest symbol. I ate a restaurant called The Dishes at night. Thai food, super authentic! Whatever order is delicious! Even the picky eater is great! It's also expensive. A valuable meal for seven people. This meal cost 4,049 baht 

☞Day4: Chatuchak Weekend Market- Bangkok The camp vintage flea market-Seafood flea
market ★The things in the weekend market are cheap and high quality.. Forget it
★The retro market has great photos! Look below to go near the weekend market in the last 900 meters
★ seafood dinner is a Thai friend is nearby sami Forgot facade photo shoot 599 baht any friends eat
☞Day5: Markro- horse slaughter - Imperial airport duty-free shops - Guangzhou
★ 711 The crab sticks are really delicious! Eat every day without getting tired! I love it!

★Be sure to buy instant bird's nest! The most cost-effective supermarket purchase! 711 will be biased more expensive price, brand and BRAND soil country I have to buy, prefer national brand of soil Japanese rice germ taste Oh!

Ha ha ha small refrigerator at home, I can not move, and before Japan bought did not finish ~

Tiantianma kills chickens to be healthier! Haha ~
Grand Island and did not go to second-hand antique warehouse do not know the way to Pattaya why the ... 

This form was made by Mr. Deng~ Forgot to remind him to share it with me directly with the itinerary assistant! Remarks have routes provided~ 

♥DAY1 Guangzhou-Bangkok-Pattaya

Day1: Guangzhou - Bangkok - Pattaya -Design Hotel Photo- Pattaya Beach - Pattaya Walking Street - Masha Ji
five points home from work, sleep, go to the airport in their collection, chanting Luo due to work one day to be late, so Pattaya trip she does not participate, the original fear Bello He set off the plane and confiscated him 1500RMB. If we don't go, we will ask us to kill the money! Hahaha!
I took a video after leaving the airport and posted it to Moments so fast. The world is really small! When posting to Moments, a former colleague commented that he was also on this plane, and he did not pay attention to the video before boarding the plane. Haha~ Super fate!
The first time I took Spring Airlines, the experience in low-cost airlines was not good. The seat backs could not be adjusted. I sat at 90 degrees for three hours and took a la carte drinks. At least 3 types are out of stock.  ..... There is a smell of gasoline before takeoff, with an unpleasant smell! On the return journey, it was clearly stated that boarding would start at 20:20 and it became 20:20 FINAL CALL!!! When I went to the duty-free shop, I went crazy to the registration gate. It was really a 31-second speed sprint for the 200-meter sports test for the high school entrance examination. Boarding port! (Zhuang rushes while eating ice cream, Dandan rushes while playing on his mobile phone, and Rong rushes while watching videos) Embarrassed and funny! Fortunately, I took a video and recorded it!
In China, I have already filled out the visa application form for the little fairies and posted their photos. I also wrote six entry forms at one go on the plane (my sisters of waste materials are asleep...) We will just get off the plane. Rush to the visa on arrival point. Process: 1. Review the data (35 minutes in line) -2. Take the number (10 minutes waiting for the number to be called)-3. Clearance (5 minutes), it took us 50 minutes to successfully pass. ★Facts have proved that it is important to prepare in advance. The most time-consuming process is to queue up to submit the review information. If you fill out slowly on the spot, you need to spend at least 2 hours in the queue. If there is no printer ticket and hotel itinerary, it does not matter. I think the people next door show him the phone directly, it’s ok! However, his hotel itinerary is for villas, and only one person’s name is used to book, so he has been asked to explain why the others have no names during the review, which is also troublesome. fortunately! I added all the names of my colleagues when I made the reservation, and it was super fast to review us! All six people can submit information and submit a hotel itinerary together! There are also fast channel 
200 baht / person, to be noted that a friend of mine and I said he was going to fast channel is closed, so fast channel should not will be open every day.
He had finished off before 5 am at the airport looking for a restaurant (expensive and tasty) set out for a bite Pattaya , When the journey was smooth, the bus was hit and changed to another car to continue the departure~ It was exactly 12 o'clock in the hotel, but was told to check in at 2 o'clock. The plan to go to Gran Island was disrupted. The latest boat on Koh Larn was at 6 o’clock and it took 2 hours to go back and forth. If check-in at 2 o’clock is not enough time, I finally decided to spend the first day taking pictures in the hotel pool! Whenever he woke up the next day chartered back to Bangkok ! I do not know to Pattaya  What are you doing! Enough Hea! The hotel was unable to arrange a room on the same floor for us, so it upgraded to a sea-view room (the bathroom has a bathtub). All three rooms have a large floor-to-ceiling glass. The best part is that you can watch the sunrise! (Apparently only jade jade five o'clock up, took three hours of sunrise video, convinced!) Back to Bangkok by car directly spent 2200 baht booked at the hotel, because the weather is too hot, BTS has too many people really do not want Squeeze with luggage. The evening went to the hotel from Pattaya Walking Street stroll around, go back to sleep horse slaughter!  

The next big wave of photos is coming~ the delicious ones are not delicious and the beautiful ones are not beautiful. Write them all under the photos!

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Not recommended, it's better to eat casually at Airport 7!

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Tom Yum Goong seafood noodles 255 baht, my girlfriend ordered shrimp porridge, she said that the taste is instant noodle base + rice, which made me silly. correct! All restaurants need to charge service fees and taxes!

Suvarnabhumi Airport

10 baht! 300ml! Hercules soy milk! you deserve to have!

The above picture can be saved! Doing the Airport Express will not be confused!

Suvarnabhumi Airport

We take the city blue 45 baht/person

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Before Big Eye had time to change his short sleeves, she was hot all the way! Smiled unkindly~ 

I always feel that this cute kid will sit in the station , the special seat is so cute! 

Take the Blue Line to Terminal City "Paya Qin station Phaya Thai" Rabbit interchange purchase card at a service station BTS Sukhumvit 9 stations sit " Ica Mai Station Ekkamai" find Exit 2, follow the stream of people come first At the intersection you will see " Bangkok Eastern Bus Station" and find the counter to buy bus tickets.

This is " Bangkok Eastern Bus Station"

Find the counter! Buy tickets! We bought a 8:20 departure and arrival Pattaya North Bus Station

Pick up point No. 1

The plane was tired and paralyzed in the early morning! Everyone went to bed as soon as they got in the car!

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

The cold drink given by the hotel at check-in has a strong sense of pigment 

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

The hotel has a sense of design

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Hotel background wall suitable for taking pictures!

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

hotel lobby

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

hotel lobby

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

hotel lobby

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya
Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

2216 room shooting

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

2216 room shooting

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

2216 room shooting

Terminal 21

It takes less than five minutes to walk to Terminal 21 from the hotel, check in at 2 o'clock and just wander around to find a place for lunch.

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

After check-in! Change your swimsuit! Put on makeup! Start patting!

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Hotel swimming pool (photographed on iPhone x max)

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Hotel swimming pool (photographed on iPhone x max)

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Hotel pool

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Hotel pool

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya
Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Go back to the room and take a shower, change your clothes, and wait at the hotel lobby at 7 o'clock

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Evening Pattaya Beach Street

Pattaya Beach
Pattaya Beach

I slowly discovered that I have never stopped on the road of eating! Recommend this mango smoothie! Super delicious!

Pattaya Beach
Pattaya Walking Street
Pattaya Walking Street
Pattaya Walking Street
Pattaya Walking Street

Super long to go to Pattaya Walking Street, really walk, do double bar back to the hotel near the horse slaughter! 50 baht!

Every time I eat the roadside lineup is so big~

Yakitori is not recommended! I don't know what spices are added, the taste is strange and unacceptable!

This is the most satisfactory one in five days! Just at the first intersection on the right side of the hotel, the whole street is full of horses and chickens. I chose it because it looks cleaner and comfortable. Although 50 baht is expensive, it is worth it! The horses and chickens at the back were really uncomfortable, leading my best friends to say that the 50 baht is expensive and valuable!

Dandan is very satisfied with this size~

"Waste material" sister WeChat I request the highly recommended coconut green! I bought it just across from our massage horse! 30 baht! The cheapest young coconut in five days! Super big! After drinking, you can ask him to help shave the coconut meat! Super tender!

The shopping mall opposite the hotel is very lively at night~ eat supper

There is a grilled sausage that is so delicious, I forgot to take pictures! Pay attention to the booth on the right hand side of the photo! Three strings of 100 baht! Recommend Tom Yum Goong flavor sauce!

Fruits are too expensive

Slightly sweet~Not recommended~The local tastes are all sweet~

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

The night view from the room! Excellent!

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Yuyu gets up to shoot the sunrise~

Siam Design Hotel Pattaya
Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

The first day of the itinerary is over, the summary is that there is no itinerary, it is a day of taking pictures, eating, drinking and having fun!

♥DAY2 Pattaya-Bangkok

Day2: Pattaya - Bangkok - Siam Discovery Center - Nana Night Market - horse slaughter - drink to accompany Dandan ~
sleep until he woke up, eat breakfast and set off Bangkok's friends, chanting Luoling Chen at six to Bangkok The hotel is waiting for us. Originally, today’s itinerary was to go to Wat Arun, but because of lack of time, it was changed to the third day . The Siam Discovery Center is located at Siam Station. The entire Siam Station is Siam’s business district. It’s just shopping and shopping, and lunch is exploring. Center on the second floor solve, I think meal to digest what Nana ready to walk to the night market, actually chanting Luo pit of public comment, and did not know what went ghost false Nana Night Bazaar went to the bar no longer dark underworld of street supper . BTS goes back to the hotel to make up for it! The last thing to do in the evening is to accompany Dandan to drink a drunk of wine~ However, I can get drunk with a bottle of pineapple beer, obviously I can only drink soy milk to accompany her. Unexpectedly, Zhuang He Dayan can also drink! Refresh the new understanding of them in the past 11 years! At least I know that the winery only has 2 bottles of 5% fruit wine, haha~ ★Important reminder! Don't go to the horses and chickens on the street of our hotel! The three are very poor!  

Chartered journey back to Bangkok friends ~  

10 minutes after getting in the car~  

Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel

Go back to the hotel and meet up with Bai Luo, ready to go out to play!

The first group photo

Siam Discovery Center
Siam Discovery Center

Have a bite at noon, you can choose noodles or noodles, the taste of Tom Yum Goong soup base is okay~

Siam Discovery Center

The whole group only village is rejected and Tom Yum Kung Thai dip sauce ~ ~ ha ha ha, she said very smelly!

Siam Discovery Center

I ordered Tom Yum Goong seafood fans ~ eat it all

Siam Discovery Center

Thai milk tea ~ sweeter

Siam Discovery Center

7 people plus service fee and taxes total 2451 baht!

Siam Discovery Center
Siam Discovery Center
Siam Discovery Center

Artistic toilet signs~hahaha!

Siam Discovery Center

A toilet suitable for taking photos~

Siam Discovery Center

Toilet punch card photos~

100 baht~a bit expensive! But you can eat coconut meat directly!

I don’t need to eat the whole coconut meat after drinking it. It’s super full!

I actually went to the vicinity of the Erawan Buddha, and I saw it for the first time after coming so many times, haha!

The mouth never stops

Chuang's recommended lemon tea! I have to pay extra for ice!

You can see it everywhere, but it feels a bit dirty and the taste is good.

Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel

Do not come to the horse-killing shop! It's on the street next to the hotel~!

♥DAY3 Bangkok

Day3: Bangkok Cultural Arts Center - Wat Arun - River Night Market - super delicious Thai dishes - horse slaughter - drink to accompany Dandan ~
morning chanting Luo took us to the hotel next to the chicken noodle soup for breakfast, everyone's taste is not the same bar, chanting Luo said good food in general I do not like made plans for your reference reference, I feel relatively Chaozhou  Taste.
If interested in art Bangkok Cultural Arts Center quite worth a visit, if you want to take pictures even more to go! Haha~IceDEA on the second floor is the most popular place in the whole building. It is a design team that sells creative ideas through ice cream. The recommended ones will have a brand to hang on to choose from, durian ice cream is definitely recommended! Mango glutinous rice ice cream is just average! Noon across shopping malls ate Japanese food, giant unpalatable .. the price is not cheap, but rarely the kind of component. Take a taxi to Wat Arun
Wat Arun (clothing requirements: over-the-knee long skirts are not allowed to wear suspenders. If you are lucky enough to take off your clothes and take pictures, there will be a guard blowing BB to remind you! It's embarrassing! It's better to respect people's culture!) Describe it at first glance The only thing is "shock". This temple is a small circle and it takes five minutes to visit. Basically everyone is taking pictures, and it is indeed a great photo spot, as long as you can tolerate the 36 degrees high temperature directly on your face! I just sat in the awning and waited for them after shopping, and waited for them to find a good location for shooting. I walked over to line up two pieces and left~ it was hot! Ah Zhuang's face was obviously cut tan two-color, snickered a taxi to the night market Riverside night market I have to go a second time, it is suitable for young people to visit, it is the largest Ferris wheel 🎡 sign at night to eat a company called The dishes of Thai dishes, super authentic! Whatever order is delicious! The taste is great! Even Chuang who is not picky eaters is great! It is also an expensive and valuable meal. The meal for seven people cost 4,049 baht. After eating and drinking enough, I walked to the 7-seater taxi back to the hotel. The price was 800 baht. We bargained for 700 baht! The key driver's uncle can actually speak Mandarin, Cantonese, 
Chaoshan dialect, English, Thai! What a shame! He is still a fellow with Zhuang! The driver was afraid to say do Chinese fellow cheated! To help fellow villagers! Suddenly I smiled silently in my heart... Then why don't you send us back to the hotel without calling the watch?
★Key reminder! Don't go to the horses and chickens on the street of our hotel! The three are very poor!

Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel

Makeup artist + hair stylist + cameraman + photographer Almighty Dandan

Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel

The breakfast shop next to the hotel does not open until 10 o'clock!

Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel
Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel
Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel

Breakfast that doesn't match my appetite 

Shooting at the BTS platform of Belo

Bello being protected~hahaha!


Almighty Dan!

Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center

It feels like returning to junior high school after school, ten years later, we hope that ten years later we will still be so happy~

Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center

You can try the ivory ice that is the main specialty of the shop.

Bangkok Cultural Arts Center
Bangkok Cultural Arts Center

Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream

Bangkok Cultural Arts Center

Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream

Bangkok Cultural Arts Center

Choose us with difficulty!

Bangkok Cultural Arts Center

Noon to eat Japanese 料理就在 曼谷 文化中心对面的MBK商场,千万别去!

This is it!

The picture and the text don’t match~ After eating, forget to take a photo! Hahaha

Huahua who can sleep anywhere~Go to the Temple of Arun

Wat Arun
Wat Arun
Wat Arun
Wat Arun
Wat Arun
Wat Arun
Wat Arun
Wat Arun

The drinks in this place are average~not recommended

P picture:

Next to it is the theater, there have been people walking around...the taste stunned us!

Bello actually bought a bath at night! Enough!

Super delicious Thai cuisine restaurant, The Dishes although expensive, but the taste and Guangzhou Taikoo Hui Lin is still almost Oh! I love Shanglian! Compared to Guangzhou price, not what it is here!

Before the meal, everyone said that they were not hungry and had to go back to the hotel instead of ordering so many! Ha ha! Please see the record!

7 people ate 4049 THB~ Satisfaction!

Drinking with Dandan series, always noisy me to sleep 

♥DAY4 Bangkok

Day4: Chatuchak Weekend Market- Bangkok The camp vintage flea market-Seafood flea market- Drink with Dandan~
★There is a breakfast shop on the street next to the hotel that is super delicious called Better Moon, recommended blueberry cheesecake, Pasta, chicken wings. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it turned out to be its homestay upstairs, so I can try to stay for one night next time! Call this store!
It’s too hot. The departure time for the assembly today is changed to 2:30 pm. Today, a foreign student friend will take us to play with us. It’s really unexpected that he will play with us. I’m lazy and I didn’t leave my phone a few days ago. Check the route, at least one day can be relaxed! The Chatuchak Weekend Market is only open on weekends. It can be reached directly by BTS. It is really lively. I don’t want to go when I go to Belo, and I don’t want to go when I eat Big Eye Zhuang Yuyu. It’s too hot for me and Rong Dandan! I found that the local wording is "Chatuchak Weekend Market" and it may be written in multiple ways.
I went to the retro bazaar (900 meters) very close when I was shopping. It is very suitable for young people to take pictures and check in. There are not many people. It was recommended by Xiaohongshu. It really didn't disappoint us! There are a lot of second-hand retro goods in the open-air booth, and there are record discs to buy. There is also a super cool motorcycle shop! The T in the store is only 200 baht, which is a good deal! After playing at 7 o’clock, we took a taxi back to the Siam business district to eat a seafood buffet. My friends were unwilling to use the Thai language to communicate with the driver.. But every time, one unit was willing and the other unwilling. The price difference was doubled. But the two cars with 7 people A are not expensive (but you don’t want to call the meter, the driver will go straight away, don’t worry about no business, speechless~) The
seafood set question is taken by a friend, not a food stall, it’s the kind There are more local people in the clean shop. Limited time is 90 minutes! 599 baht per person 69 baht all-you-can-drink! Taste good, and Hong Kong 日料放题对比的优势就是,它上菜贼快!有兴趣的可以去找找这家店! Supermarket 711 to buy the drinks are time-limited oh) Thai people never false, but like cheat China
泰国 商场街道到处都可以见到的是他们国王的画像, 泰国 民众超尊重国王,千万不能说不尊重国王的话,会被抓进监狱喔!上一任国王的离世,整个 泰国 都很悲伤,禁了一个月娱乐项目和不能买酒(突然想起 泰国
People money! For example, raise prices! Ha ha ha ha ~
Thailand pace of life is very slow, I want to shop on a few points open, so Thai people a strong sense of happiness Oh!
Thailand people who can be shemales are very rich, because deformity surgery is not cheap!

Recall and he knew on Wall Street when reading play better friend, then less and less to learn there is less contact, and so far has not seen him for four years, I made a circle of friends or locate Bangkok , private letters I just knew that he was studying advertising creative here. Hahaha~ Happy! I hope he in Bangkok to have their own little world it wide open hole in the brain of the advertising industry -

The breakfast shop, Better Moon, mentioned above, is a market outside, so buying fruits is very cheap!

50 baht mango sticky rice bought on the roadside, not bad

Catch the ugly photo of Belo!

120 baht 1 kg, super small...

Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel

There is only Bello in the whole group who is not afraid of it. I ran to swim at noon.. Good for you!

Khoo Sukhumvit Hotel

Ready to go out to surf, Sao Bing is actually drinking bird's nest!

So salty...


Chinese aunty five-pointed star! I laughed cry when I made the video! Catch it to burst!

Restaurant name: Burn whale If you can only find navigation, there are many locals who come to eat. 90 minutes limit

Ordered a lot of grilled shrimp! Really served Bello and Yuyu! We asked Bello if he is not afraid of gout? She said she took pain medicine...

Dessert after meal! Coconut jelly! Great!

8 people 6055 baht~

♥DAY5 Bangkok-Guangzhou

Day5: Markro-Horse Killing Chicken-Airport King Power Duty Free Shop- Guangzhou
One day without itinerary, buy souvenirs , go shopping in the supermarket, and enjoy the last day of horse killing. After brushing it for five days, I really want to be tired of being with them every day. I want Dandan to complain that I have poor photography skills (this time I traveled with Dandan to teach you how to improve), but I still want me to take pictures for her. , Every second there are new bad get laughed to us
   Like Yu Yu nagging constantly irritable temper , all the time can be seen chanting Luo despise our way , all the time non-stop mouth village and big eyes still long not fat ... many teachers did not participate in this is really a pity expect Next time the eight-person walk is truly unifying! This time I took a lot of Vlog records to record this Seven-person Tour. I hope that ten years later, we will not change our original intention and cherish our friendship.   

Must-post photos!

Must-post photos!

Never eaten such delicious instant Italian side! Look for this taste!

The horse-killing chicken on the last day is very authentic. Rong told me to take pictures and recommend it. It's on the street of the breakfast shop!

For the last meal, you must also eat Tom Yum Goong Ramen!


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